TRI-FLOW is a unique multifunctional lubricant designed to go beyond ordinary lubricants and to keep equipment operating at its peak. It can be used for both high performance industrial applications and general use. TRI-FLOW’s composition allows it to actively penetrate inaccessible areas and leave a long-lasting and protective lubricating film.

The microscopic particles of PTFE adhere to the treated surfaces and reduce friction and wear drastically. The special additives displace moisture, prevent icing and protect against rust and corrosion.

The powerful formula of TRI-FLOW will dissolve rust, repel dirt and keep treated surfaces clean. With these properties TRI-FLOW guarantees optimal performance and protection, even for the most demanding applications.


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High temperature range (-53°C to + 246°C)
Reduces friction and wear
Prevents corrosion & rust
Cleans and removes dirt and rust
Prevents dirt and dust build-up to reduce wear
• Improves machinery performance
Reduces operating costs


  • Chains & belts
  • Ropes & cables
  • Pulleys & hoists
  • Gears
  • Mechanicals parts
  • Hinges & bolts
  • Locks & catches
  • Valves & bearings

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