The OilSafe lubrication management system is a fully integrated and color-coded fluid management system developed to enable the systematic and standardized delivery of well identified and clean lubricants from bulk storage to the point of application on equipment.

The OilSafe lubrication management system emphasizes color-coding, identification, standardization, workplace organization and cleanliness, safety, waste reduction, contamination control and a propensity for best practice. Every step is color-coded to eliminate risk and human error - simplifying maintenance extending the life of the machines that make your product. And keep your business running.


Safer, cleaner, easier and faster lubrication maintenance
Protects lubricants from contamination
Increases productivity and reduces machine downtime
Facilitates compliance with ISO, BRC and IFS standards
Versatile and resistant to harsh conditions

OilSafe lubrication management

Bulk Storage & Systems
Color-coded bulk storage keeps your storage area neat and safe.
• Choice of OilSafe filtration, 25, 7 or 4 micron rating
• Modular and scalable, the unit can be configured to your exact needs
• Arrives pre-assembled for easy setup
• Each tank has its own dedicated pump and filter to prevent cross-contamination

Transfer Containers
Precise-pour transfer containers eliminate spills and slowdowns.
• Ergonomic hand pumps
• Push-button air intake valves
• Quick twist spouts for fast, smooth pumping and pouring
• Fully interchangeable drums and lids- in 10 dierent colors
• Robust design for extensive service life

Customizable labels integrate the entire system to ensure every lubricant goes in the right place — from Bulk Storage to the Transfer Container to the point of application.
• Fully customizable content
• Meets OSHA compliance with Right to Know
• Improves productivity and efficiency
• Variety of label sizes and media to meet all of your identification needs

OilSafe Overview

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