Whitmore is provider of innovative products and services that increase the reliability, performance and lifespan of industrial assets. Whitmore manufactures high performance lubricants, friction modifiers, application equipment, lubrication management systems, desiccant breathers and cleaners designed to meet the specific needs of each industry and application. Industrial customers worldwide rely on Whitmore to deliver the performance engineered solutions industry counts on even in the most adverse conditions and demanding environments.

Whitmore greases and lubricants are recognized worldwide for their ability to reduce gear wear, minimize downtime, prolong equipment life and reduce operating costs.

Whitmore Rail lubricants reduce friction, fuel consumption, and noise, while extending rail and wheel life. Whitmore is the number one provider of rail lubricants in the U.S. and one of the largest providers in Australia and England. Rail equipment made by Whitmore includes trackside lubricators, retrofit kits, conversion kits and more.

The complete line of high performance biodegradable lubricants meets or exceeds industry standards and protects valuable equipment while protecting the earth.

The benefits of Whitmore

An extensive range of high-performance lubricants
Developed to work in the toughest environments and most demanding applications
Products that increase the reliability, performance and lifespan of industrial assets

Corporate movie Whitmore

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