Bardahl is a reference for maintenance professionals. In industry, transport, public works, agriculture and the craft industry, Bardahl is a specialist in lubricants, degreasing agents, greases, additives, adhesives, cleaning, maintenance and sealing products. Bardahl's industrial maintenance products allow you to repair or do maintenance of your vehicule or machine. Whether for leak detection, cleaning or cooling, Bardahl always has a solution for industrial maintenance.

Bardahl has a very wide range:

Lubricants for industrial applications 
Industrial greases 
Food grade greases 
Lubrication equipment
Industrial oils 
Industrial oil additives
Adhesives and sealants 
Degreasers and cleaning products
Engine additives
Ecocleaning products for engines
Air conditioning products
Motorbike products

Benefits of Bardahl

Very large product range
Research in Bardahl laboratories
A benchmark in the market for more than 60 years
ISO 14001 certified

Bardahl corporate movie

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