Air Sentry are innovative dessicant breathers that increase the life of machines and operating fluids by eliminating contamination and moisture.

Air Sentry dessicant breathers are designed to replace standard vents or filters on gearboxes, hydraulic fluid tanks, storage tanks, vessels, transformers and other reservoirs.

The filters absorb moisture from the air before it enters the fluid reservoir and prevent dust and contaminants down to 2 µm from entering. The silica gel changes colour from gold to green as it becomes saturated with moisture, making it very easy to check the condition of the filter and ensure the purity of the liquids.

The benefits of Air Sentry

Verhinderen van contaminatie door vocht en vuildeeltjes
Verminderen van slijtage
Verlengen van de levensduur van vloeistoffen
Verlagen van de onderhoudskosten

Movie Air Sentry

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