A&B Laboratorios develops and produces biological products formulated with enzymes and microorganisms, for bioremediation and biodetergence applications. A&B offers innovative solutions developed to enhance efficiency, increase use safety and reduce the environmental impact. The safety and health of the employees and the facilities and respect for the environment are key factors. A&B Laboratorios de Biotecnología combines biotechnology and clean technologies for the development of its innovating products under life cycle analysis for industrial applications and the agro-food sector.

To provide an effective response to these needs, A&B offers solutions which aim to reduce and minimize the chemical risks by complying with objectives such as:

  • Efficiency and profitability, reducing the product consumption.
  • Safety and hygiene, preventing inflammable or corrosive products and hence reducing the use of Individual Protection Equipment (IPE).
  • Environment, preventing hazardous waste.
  • Legislation, reducing VOC consumption and complying with the Chemical Product Storage (APQ) standards.


Efficient ecological cleaners
European Ecolabel
Food-safe cleaners with NSF approval
Meeting the requirements of Green Public Procurement
Environmentally friendly cleaners with enzymes

A&B offers an innovative range of cleaners

Enzymatic multi-purpose cleaner

Concentrated cleaner for floor scrubbers

Concentrated industrial degreasers

Non-hazardous solvents

Dielectric cleaner

Anticorrosive detergent

Resin cleaner

Industrial paint stripper

Organic absorbent


Corporate movie A&B

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