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Food grade oils & greases

The food industry requires the use of food grade oil and grease to ensure food safety. A leaky pipe where conventional lubricant would come into contact with food products can have serious consequences for the consumer, therefore only NSF H1 certified lubricants are permitted for such applications. These special oils and greases are harmless in case of occasional contact with food.
Recently the ISO 21496 standard has been established, which goes beyond the NSF H1 certification. This standard controls the product, but also the manufacturer's production mode and quality policy, thus providing a higher degree of certainty.

Bondis is a distributor of several brands such as TRI-FLOW FG, PETRO-CANADA, SUPER LUBE, SENTINEL, which enables us to offer all types of food grade lubricants and maintenance products including products that meet the latest ISO 21496 standard.

  • Tri-Flow Food Grade

    TRI-FLOW Food grade

    Synthetic oils and greases with PTFE specially formulated to lubricate applications where accidental food contact may occur.

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  • Super Lube logo


    Specially developed synthetic lubricants with PTFE that provides longer life protection against friction, wear, rust and corrosion.

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  • Petro-Canada logo


    Full range of lubricants, specialty fluids & greases that deliver maximum performance and savings.

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    Synthetic lubricants of the newest generation which meet the requirements of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

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