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Silica gel filters

Silica gel filters are moisture absorbing filters preventing moisture from entering liquid reservoirs or installations. The silica gel will remove the moisture from the entering air. As the silica gel becomes saturated with moisture, the color will change from orange to green. A built-in filter will also remove dust particles, avoiding contamination through dirt and moisture.

Bondis distributes the aeration filters from AIR SENTRY and GUARDIAN. The range of Air Sentry filters consists of a large number of variants depending on the application. Guardian offers second-generation filters designed for long-term use.

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    Air Sentry breathers adsorb water and filter particulate contaminants before they enter fluid systems, prolonging the life of fuels, oils and hydraulic fluids.

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    A new line of improved dessicant breathers with four exclusive advancements that raise the bar in contamination control.

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