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Safe degreasers & specialty cleaners

Hazardous and volatile solvents are still being used frequently for degreasing parts and removing difficult contaminants such as bitumen, paint, glue. However, there are safer alternatives available that give the same result but are less dangerous in use due to a higher flash point. A whole range of products are available for every application and method of use. There are also specialty cleaners available that are developed for specific applications such as removing ink, epoxy or PU.

Bondis is exclusive distributor of MYKAL INDUSTRIES product range and TFO-2, a powerful degreaser based on citrus terpenes.



    An extensive product range of high powered natural solvents and biodegradable cleaners for the removal of oils, greases, waxes and adhesives.

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  • TFO-2


    High performance, heavy duty general purpose degreaser designed to replace commonly used highly volatile chlorinated solvents.

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